Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Best Places for Walking Holidays in Spain

Spain – a country of endless sunshine, snow white beaches and rugged coast lines. The Mediterranean climate, rich cultural history and many exciting activities have made it a strong magnet for tourists from all countries. The best way to see Spain at its best is by doing a walking tour.

Some people prefer to do an unguided or independent tour. This means that they walk and navigate by themselves. You need to be quite organised to do this, as you rely on yourself not to get lost. Many travel companies supply people with very good notes on the various routes, as well as maps. If you do a hotel to hotel walk, your heavier bags are transported to your hotel. This type of
walking holiday is very suitable for young children and people that are not very fit. With guided tours you have a knowledgeable guide on hand who knows the area very well.

Puerto de la Cruz along the Atlantic Ocean, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

For those who enjoy walking holidays Spain is an excellent choice. The many hours of sunshine assures great weather all year round and the beautiful and varied terrain offers many opportunities for sightseeing. Andalusia, in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada, is one of the most popular areas in Spain. Hillsides covered in olive groves, a bright carpet of flowers of all colours and romantic white villages make this a stunning walk; and a visit to the Alhambra Palace will be the highlight of your visit here.
Natural beauty

If you love nature, Tenerife and its protected forest is the place for you. The abundance of birds, butterflies and wild flowers will amaze you. The riot of colour is a feast for your eyes. Avila offers the hidden gem of Sierra de Gredos with flowering meadows, lagoons, mountainous peaks and waterfalls. Walks vary, from easy strolls to very challenging hikes.

Costa Blanca Mountains, Spain
The valleys and hills surrounding Cordoba include a National Park. Gorges, peaks, valleys and stunning views are combined with typical Spanish hospitality. If you prefer a leisurely walk, the island of Menorca is rich in cultural history, has stunning quiet stretches of beaches and is a UNESCO protected Biosphere Reserve.

La Isla Bonita

The beautiful La Palma Island – La Isla Bonita – offers lava flows, black volcanic cones, lush, green forests and the impressive Caldera de Taburiente. Follow the Route of the Volcanoes for amazing natural sights all around. The Canary Islands feature an active volcano called Teide and outstanding animal and plant life. The walking route is mountainous and quite challenging.

In Catalonia the walking trails are mostly along the coast, featuring colourful fishing harbours, hidden white hamlets, quaint little wine villages and wide green valleys. The Catalonian cuisine is famous and worth a tour in itself. At Cadaques you will find many artists at work; the castle and citadel ruins near the lovely bay at Roses are also worth visiting.

The Costa Blanca Mountains have a quaint little village called Abdet with only about 100 inhabitants, but they are all very welcoming to strangers. If you prefer travelling off the beaten track, you will enjoy Asturias, where the Picos de Europa mountain range is a haven for wildlife. Galicia, with its beautiful green landscapes and Castile in central Spain, with its walled villages and drover's trails, are hidden gems to discover for yourself.

So whether you take a leisurely hike along the coast or climb the challenging mountain paths, Spain will amaze and intrigue you with its beautiful scenery and friendly people.

Mike van Velden writes regularly on hiking and trekking for a range of travel websites and blogs. For most of his walking holidays Spain has been his country of choice. He believes you have not been on holiday properly unless you have done at least one walking holiday.


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