Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sunrise On the banks of Godavari

Rajahmundry is not just the cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh, it is also where the Telugu language originated. The first poet of Telugu, Nanayya, was born in Rajahmundry. Rich in culture and so named the “Grand City of Culture”, it is also a place that’s utterly beautiful. Being on the East coast of India, the banks of the Godavari get touched by the first rays of light; the rising sun sending the sky into a dizzy of colours, making it a very picturesque scene every morning.  
Sunrise On the banks of Godavari (Photo Courtesy: Kam Dhen's from Flickr)
Rajahmundry is known to have been the headquarters of the Godavari district during the time of the British Raj. It is currently the biggest city in the East and West Godavari districts. It is also a place that has many sights to see. Some of them are:
Chitrangi Palace (Photo Courtesy: indiantourist-spots)
- Chitrangi Palace: This is the Royal residence named after Chitrangi, Raja Raja Narendra’s second wife.
The Temple Dance Park (wikipedia)
- Kambala Park: The country’s only choultry to host death ceremonies, it was constructed in 1845.
- Damerla Rama Rao Art Gallery: This is dedicated to Damerla Rama Rao, an artist who began practicing art at a young age though he was born to a physician.

- Aalaya Nritya Kalavanam (The Temple Dance Park): Representing 1000 years of Temple dance history, this park was set up to take the tradition forward to the next generations.

- Aryabhatta Science and Technology Society: This is a must see museum for those who want to see everything from dinosaur models to aeroplanes.

- Rallabandi Subbarao Archaeological Museum: This museum is famous for its lovely collection of cultural artifacts such as coins, sculptures, and so on.

- Sir Arthur Cotton Museum: This was built in memory of a British irrigation engineer who built the present Sir Arthur Cotton Barrage.
Sir Arthur Cotton Museum (Photo Courtesy: rajahmundry.me)
The city is full of parks to stroll in as well, and Maredumilli forest as well as the Deer Park are easily accessible from here. Other places around Rajahmundry are also well known and worth a visit, such as Kadiyapulanka which hosts the famous flower shows. Take any Rajahmundry flights and experience this truly lovely city.

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