Friday, May 25, 2012

White Water Rafting in Nepal

Hundered of visitors will trek to Nepal every year for white water rafting. The specialism of rafting that Nepal has to offer is the fact that there are rivers and rapids that range in pressure and temperature. Set within sight of Mount Everest and organised with groups of likeminded people, trekking to Nepal for the purpose of white water rafting will open you up to a level and skill of rafting that you simply cannot gain anywhere else.

 If you want to visit Nepal for rafting, going with a good trekking and touring company is highly recommended as day trips and excursions from hotels rarely give you enough time to make the most of the experience. 

 White water rafting in Nepal will start with an easy ride across lakes, as many expeditions usually start off with the easier types of rafting. You will need all of your camping gear, and safety equipment as you will be camping and trekking to different rivers as you climb up altitudes to reach greater and greater levels of white water rafting difficulty. 

A good white water rafting expedition on a Nepal trek will include other elements outside of rafting to your experience. To visit a place like Nepal which has so much to offer and not see anything outside of rivers will be a wasted trip, so if you are planning to trek to Nepal for white water rafting, be sure to book a trip that will include other elements as well. Trekking through a range of experiences not only gives you more value for money, but will also expose you to the many sights and sounds that Nepal has to offer. 

If you are planning to trek to Nepal choose a tour company that will take you through Kathmandu so you can absorb the many sights, sounds and flavours that the city has to offer. Make sure you have a chance to visit the Trisuli River which is a beautiful river set in warm scenery with a view of Everest in the background. Any tour company offering a visit to Chitwan National park is also worth noting, as this park is a stunning protected area where you will have an opportunity to see rhinos and tigers.

 Trekking to Nepal to white water raft with a tour company rather than going it alone is also good because many tour companies that offer the full package will be better equipped than day excursions. Camping as you go along your rafting experience with a team of likeminded people who will be part of your group makes the experience feel more complete as there are not time limits and deadlines imposed on you and no coaches to catch. 

A good Nepal tour or trekking company will also make sure that you have a chance to absorb the culture that Nepal has to offer and this usually involves a visit to Durbar Square which is a place full of valleys, temples and culture.

 Ben currently writes for travel companies specializing in Nepal tours & Nepal Trekking