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Things to Do in Shimla

Shimla, one of India’s most visited holiday destinations, offers plenty of options for you to have fun! Whether you are a trekking enthusiast, a nature lover, a religious person or a kid who wants some simple pleasures, Shimla has something to offer for everyone. You visit Shimla and come back fully satisfied. At least, that’s what my experience has taught me.

For the history buff

Shimla has a rich colonial past, so you could visit all the old British structures and enjoy the architectural beauty of these buildings. The Town Hall, the Viceregal Lodge, Gorton Castle, Rothney Castle are all worth visiting.

For the trekking, hiking enthusiast

Go for a long walk neat the Glen, which was once a playground for the British officers. There is also a meadow at Annandale, which is a famed venue for polo and cricket enthusiasts. It is a fun walk along these places. Prospect Hill, which is about 4 km towards the west of Shimla, is also a great place to go trekking. Walking paths are available as well for those who want to take in nature’s beauty along the way. Summer Hill is two km away on the Shimla-Kalka rail line, and offers some pleasant walking opportunities. Serious trekkers can take Shimla-Chail, Jalori Pass and Shimla-Junga paths, but these should be avoided during the monsoons.

For river rafting

If you love river rafting, there is no place like Shimla. Head to Tattapani, which offers scintillating rafting sessions.


No one who comes to Shimla can miss the shopping experience at the Mall Road. There are plenty of local handicrafts available along this stretch. It is the place to go to, if you intend buying woollen stuff or artefacts for friends and family back home. Want some wooden handicrafts? Lakkar Bazaar is where you can get some. You could also visit the Tibetan Market if you want to pick up carpets, jewellery and other souvenirs.


So you are done shopping and want some coffee? There’s no better place to go than the quaint Indian Coffee House, which is an institution by itself in Shimla. You can find waiters in uniforms, a menu written on a blackboard, all reminiscent of the Raj era.

 Go ice skating

This is a rarity, and a must-do, if you visit Shimla. The rink is one of Asia oldest and the only open-air one in India. However, it is functional only between December and February, so if you are a skating enthusiast, head there during these months.

Religious places

St. Michael's Cathedral, Shimla (Photo Courtesy:

Shimla has its share of temples and churches, so if you are religiously inclined, there are enough places for you to choose from. There are Buddhist monasteries, the famed temples of Jakhu, Bhimakali, Kalibari, Tara Devi, and Sankat Mochan among others you can visit. You could also visit the famous Christ Church and St Michael’s Cathedral while you are there.

Don’t worry about accommodation options; there are plenty of hotels in Shimla you can check in to. However, it is best to make prior reservations because it is a tourism hotspot.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Jordan – The mysterious bearer of many secrets

Jordan is a city in the Middle East with about six million citizens. The currency is Dinar (1 JOD is about 1 Pound) and you speak mostly Arabic and the biggest religion is Islam and some popular travel destinations are Amman, Petra, the Dead Sea, Wadi Rum and Al Ramlah.

There, that was some short facts about Jordan, one of the musts in your travel diary. Jordan is like the calmer younger sibling next to the more loud and crazy neighbors Iraq, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It is put right in the middle of Israel and the West Bank which doesn’t really make it top goal for charter travelers but the security has increased after the attacks in 2005.

Sunset at The Dead Sea Marriott on Jordan's side of the Dead Sea (Photo Courtesy: travelphotos.alittleadrift)

Jordan holds many attractions like many Biblical places and one of the seven Wonders and the calm and mysterious Dead Sea where the salinity is so high that you don’t even have to swim to keep floating. You will bob around on the surface like a cork. It is also famous for its charitably for hair and skin, and to strengthen the effect you can lubricate your body with the mineral-rich sludge from the bottom which doesn’t really feel good; it is disgusting, itches and stiffens in the sun but after a few minutes when you have washed it off your skin will feel baby like. Around the Dead Sea you can find specialized spas and buy products made from minerals from the Sea.

A beautiful spa and resort by the dead sea (Photo Courtesy: cntraveler)
From the Dead Sea you can drive to the dock by Aqaba by the Red Sea. This town is tax free and perfect for shopping, at least in the bazars and more traditional souvenir shops. This town is great to stay in for a couple of days since it has many nice restaurants, bars, night clubs and caf├ęs and you will have easy access to the ocean and its activities like glass bottom boat trips and paragliding.

Aqaba, Jordan (Photo Courtesy: crazyengineers)
The food life offers almost everything from pizza to sushi but you can also eat typical Jordanian food like Meze. Meze is a kind of Tapas with things like olives, hummus, tabouleh etc. Other dishes are Mansaf - a national dish made out of lamb and yoghurt sauce called Jameed -, Hash w Nash, Zarb and Dawali. Some of the beaches are not very acceptable for women because of their religion so you should look up which beaches are more western friendly if you do not want to jump into the water wearing clothes from top ‘til toe. The best one is probably Tala Bay, about fifteen miles south from Aqaba.

Sandy Beach in Tala Bay, Jorden (Photo Courtesy: Marinaplazahotel)
Two hours from there lays one of Jordan’s biggest attractions Petra, the mysterious city. You get there by car but will have to drive through a narrow rift into the pink mountains which later on open up and give you a magnificent sight which will probably take several days to fully discover. While here you should also rent a guide – which is almost always a young local – and let them take you out on a four wheel trip into the desert. They will show you amazing nature made formations in the cliffs and sand doves and will tell you stories about forbidden cities and holy spirits.

Petra Jorden (Photo Courtesy: mytripolog)
Petra Jorden (Photo Courtesy: WikiMedia Commons)
I suggest that you come here during the spring and fall because during the winter it will rain a lot and during the summers the heat is unbearable. To fully engulf Jordan you should be here at least two weeks.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Service, Amenities, And Luxury At The Oberoi, Gurgaon

The Oberoi, Gurgaon is located in the central business and shopping areas of Gurgaon in the New Delhi National Capital Region. The Oberoi Gurgaon is a convenient fifteen minute drive from Delhi International Airport and provides easy access to prominent business and recreational centres in Gurgaon. The hotel opened in the year 2011 and in a short span of time, it has become a favourite amongst both leisure and business travelers. Add to these the dining options and the many awards that hotel has won, this luxury hotel in Gurgaon is way ahead of other luxury hotels in the region. 
The Oberoi Gurgaon (Photo Courtesy: Oberoi Gurgaon)
Amongst other features, the hotel’s contemporary architecture is what sets it apart. It starts with the imposing glass facade that greets guests and the architectural innovation can be seen in the manner in which space, light, and height have been used across the hotel. The Oberoi, Gurgaon has 202 rooms that are considered to be the most spacious amongst all luxury hotels in Delhi and the NCR area.

The rooms offer amenities that go a long way to ensure guests have the most comfortable stay. Coupled with the legendary Oberoi service, there is little doubt why this luxury hotel in Gurgaon is a traveller’s delight. The amenities include 24-hour personal butler service, a private heated swimming pool, and rooms with five fixture bathrooms. 
Deluxe bathroom at The Oberoi offers panoramic views of landscapes (Photo Courtesy: Oberoi Hotels)

The luxurious suites and rooms have an extravagant architecture that ensure a serene view of the reflection pool and the uniquely landscaped garden. The decor and furnishing are well crafted with indoor amenities such as a mini bar and side control panel for lighting and blinds. All the rooms have a 46 inch LED television, DVD player, internet facility, and electronic safes. Accommodations available at The Oberoi, Gurgaon are luxury rooms, premier rooms, deluxe suites, luxury suites, and a presidential suite. In addition, the hotel boasts of two ball rooms, ten meeting rooms, 24-hour gymnasium with Ayurveda and Aromapathy therapists, and a world-class spa. The experience at The Oberoi, Gurgaon is further accentuated by a 36,000 square foot reflection pool that makes for a very serene and relaxing atmosphere. 
The Lobby at Oberoi: The Perfect address discerning business (Photo Courtesy: Oberoi Hotels)
Besides the accommodation options, amenities, and service, another key highlight of this hotel is the range of dining options that’s undoubtedly a gourmet’s delight. It includes Threesixtyone, a multi-cuisine restaurant, Amaranta, that serves fine Indian coastal cuisine, the Cigar Lounge that boasts of exclusive handmade cigars, and the Piano Bar. 
Dining at threesixtyone, The Oberoi(Photo Courtesy: Oberoi Hotels)
This combination of service, amenities, and luxury is what makes every stay at The Oberoi, Gurgaon a special one. Which perhaps explains why the hotel was voted as the world’s leading luxury hotel in the World Travel Awards- 2012. Thus making it the ideal choice for a luxurious and memorable stay when visiting the New Delhi Capital Region. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sunrise On the banks of Godavari

Rajahmundry is not just the cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh, it is also where the Telugu language originated. The first poet of Telugu, Nanayya, was born in Rajahmundry. Rich in culture and so named the “Grand City of Culture”, it is also a place that’s utterly beautiful. Being on the East coast of India, the banks of the Godavari get touched by the first rays of light; the rising sun sending the sky into a dizzy of colours, making it a very picturesque scene every morning.  
Sunrise On the banks of Godavari (Photo Courtesy: Kam Dhen's from Flickr)
Rajahmundry is known to have been the headquarters of the Godavari district during the time of the British Raj. It is currently the biggest city in the East and West Godavari districts. It is also a place that has many sights to see. Some of them are:
Chitrangi Palace (Photo Courtesy: indiantourist-spots)
- Chitrangi Palace: This is the Royal residence named after Chitrangi, Raja Raja Narendra’s second wife.
The Temple Dance Park (wikipedia)
- Kambala Park: The country’s only choultry to host death ceremonies, it was constructed in 1845.
- Damerla Rama Rao Art Gallery: This is dedicated to Damerla Rama Rao, an artist who began practicing art at a young age though he was born to a physician.

- Aalaya Nritya Kalavanam (The Temple Dance Park): Representing 1000 years of Temple dance history, this park was set up to take the tradition forward to the next generations.

- Aryabhatta Science and Technology Society: This is a must see museum for those who want to see everything from dinosaur models to aeroplanes.

- Rallabandi Subbarao Archaeological Museum: This museum is famous for its lovely collection of cultural artifacts such as coins, sculptures, and so on.

- Sir Arthur Cotton Museum: This was built in memory of a British irrigation engineer who built the present Sir Arthur Cotton Barrage.
Sir Arthur Cotton Museum (Photo Courtesy:
The city is full of parks to stroll in as well, and Maredumilli forest as well as the Deer Park are easily accessible from here. Other places around Rajahmundry are also well known and worth a visit, such as Kadiyapulanka which hosts the famous flower shows. Take any Rajahmundry flights and experience this truly lovely city.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Visit The Smallest House in the World – A Contemporary Attraction in Warsaw

A new Polish attraction is available to be seen, visited, shot, and discovered for the tourists. The smallest house in the world is located in the Polish capital of Warsaw and the past few weeks were truly successful for this contemporary architecture masterpiece. Hundreds of architecture lovers and critics have come to the lands of Poland to observe this extra ordinary minimalist – as to the style and as to the floorage, as well – piece of an art. Naturally, the lucky tourists, who fortuitously had a booked reservation in Warsaw, visited the house. Each of them was amused by the parameters of the building and most of them were fascinated by the style of its creation.

Though, this modern architecture project was at first created with other purpose, but not to create admirations and fascination. The author and the designer behind the Smallest House Project in the world is the Polish architect Jakub Szczesny. While constructing and making the plan of the architecture of his work, his only intention was to awake the social engagement of the society. The main purpose behind this project is to make people understand the lack of living space today. The paradox is that the planet is the same as measurements and surface, though more and more people suffer from the lack of a roof above them. This paradox is caused by the general urbanization of the residential parts with big skyscrapers and industrial buildings for business designations.

On the other hand, the growth of the poverty cooperates for the increase of homeless people and people, who are forced to live in a small place with many more other “roommates” with us. The Smallest House in Warsaw shows in a pictorial and visual way how most of people in Poland and in the world at all share small residential constructions with a big number of people. Such a social development in big and small cities is totally awkward and inadmissible for the Polish designer and architect Jakub Szczesny. On the other hand, another theme that is also mentioned by indirection, is that the larger the vacation homes become – such as luxury hotels and stunning guesthouses – the less the ordinary homes become.

The Smallest House in The World is a narrow area, where in principle, a family cannot live. Though, many families do live in approximately so little “buildings”. To be more specific the house constructed by Jakub Szczesny is with width of 122 cm to 72 cm. Each of the two floors is with length of 12 cm. The entire living space is an area of totally 15 meters. As for now the project is a public demonstration of the social problem homelessness, though it has the potential to become an extra ordinary attraction in Poland. The first visitors of the small house are tourists with vacation rentals booked for September and October. The local media has already written for the great success behind the project by Jakub Szczesny and this success is also due to the foreign attendance by people from the entire globe. If you have the chance to visit Poland and more specifically Warsaw soon, do not miss the opportunity to check on this cute small house and share your opinion later with us. 

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Unique Tourist Experience in Goa

Looking for a total smashing hot spot to spend your desired holiday tour? Need a place for relaxation and luxury environment? Well, we have a gorgeous suggestion for your vacation plan. Organize your trip to India and dive into the unique tourist experience in Goa – the perfect piece of paradise, where joy and nirvana are guaranteed for those of you, who are seeking for awesome rest and peaceful harmonious atmosphere for contemplation and spirit refreshment. Enjoy the stunning picturesque scenery and follow the Bohemian lifestyle of the local people, and this one-week recreation will bring back the strengths to your body and your soul. Meanwhile, you will have the one lifetime chance to see the sumptuous atmosphere in the most beautiful and expensive in the world. 

Goa is an Indian formation of small islands that are truly warm and welcoming for tourist, coming from the entire globe. A famous local people from Goa even described this formation as a half of a heart, while the other missing heart is actually captured by the regional citizens and population here through the years. On the East, Goa meets the The Sahyadari Ghats, and on the west of its islands, Goa faces the Arabian Sea that forms stunning beachside view and amazing coastal line full of deserted islands and wonderful public beaches with super cool amenities, attractive beach bars and refined open-air restaurants that offer exotic seafood delicacies and tasty appetizers for your posh cocktails. The amazing natural views in the Indian state of Goa are also provided by the several little rivers that cross the land of this unique tourist hot spot. All of these rivers flow into the Arabian Sea, while the fascinating lagoons make the set of islands even more diverse, dynamic, and impressive. The regions of Maharashtra and Karnataka embrace Goa on the East and South sides.

According to the background history of Goa, this Indian piece of heaven is the home land of the kids of flowers generation. The hippy air can be still felt, especially, when you face the challenge to choose your accommodation among all of the alternatives for vacation homes. The little pavilions that form mini resorts on the islands of Goa attracts with their casual structures, but totally luxury environment, where you are serviced as you are the king of this charming land. The vacation rentals on Goa are mostly concentrated on big residences, which gather families, young couples, and freedom-loving gangs of students and friends. The most popular vacation homes in Goa, India are the Margao, Panaji, Vasco, and Mapusa residencies. All of them are located close to the beachside, where a full range of attractions and cafeterias are situated in the name of the tourists` convenience and relaxing experience.

Coming to Goa, you should not miss to visit several specific hot spots and you should not skip to participate in the most popular activities in the Indian tourist state. First of all, we strongly recommend you to sign in a sports course. In Goa water sports are reputable as the local religious, so you can definitely try a swimming challenge, a diving excitement, or even a professional surf lesson. Even though Goa is a hippy and unearthly piece of a land, the cultural level here was developed and growth to the maximum. The large profusion of museums is a proof for that. Do not miss to visit The Goa State Museum that exposes the story of the Portuguese invasion and influence in Goa and the  Naval Aviation Museum in Goa that will show you the technology achievements of the local scientists and industrial leaders. You should also visit the Renaissance churches here, because they are architecture plans are truly fabulous. Most of the religious temples are located across the cave area in Goa. 


Monday, December 3, 2012

See Africa by train

Road and air travel can be tiresome and time consuming and, often, after you have returned from a great vacation, you get off the plane or out of the car feeling like you could do with another holiday. Train travel is becoming an increasingly popular way to travel throughout Africa, from Johannesburg to the Victoria Falls. A luxury train offers you the opportunity to relax and be pampered right from the get go.

The ultimate in exclusivity, the Rovos Rail, offers five-star luxury in an old-world setting. The train’s coaches are wood paneled and opulent while a Victorian dining car, a lounge area and an open-air observation deck can also be found onboard. By travelling on Rovos Rail, guests can really enjoy the luxury of a bygone era while taking in the scenery of each African town the train passes through. The train travels between Cape Town and Pretoria, Pretoria and Victoria Falls, Pretoria and Durban, Pretoria and Namibia as well on a variety of other exciting routes. 

The Blue Train which operates between Pretoria and Cape Town is one of South Africa’s most iconic trains. The train offers guests the opportunity to visit Kimberley’s famous “big hole” as well as to see many other attractions along the way. The train offers guests gourmet dining, luxury living spaces and a butler service.

The Victoria Falls Steam Train allows visitors a unique way in which to explore this majestic wonder. This stunning first-class steam train offers guests a chance to take in the history of the falls and the surrounding region, all while enjoying spectacular cuisine and a glass of bubbly.

 The Royal Livingstone Express Train operates in Zambia and is a great way to spend a relaxing evening while enjoying the country side. This unique dinner venue can be the highlight of your stay in Africa. The train exudes the charm and romance of centuries old rail travel.

Often when people recall train trips in Africa, they tend to think of overcrowded cabins and harrowing experiences but not anymore! These luxurious trains scream of a forgotten era and are bound to awaken a sense of nostalgia in even the most hardened of travelers.

This guest article was contributed by Janine Mare of South African Hotels.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Machu Picchu – the jewel of Peru

A lifetime journey and a dream come true can best describe your vacation in the real wonder of the world Machu Picchu. No matter how hard I tried to find words to describe to you everything you should expect to see and experience here, I realized I was left wordless. Apparently, this is the place which cannot be described and should not be described but has to be seen and experienced. So unique and so special this place looks like a photograph rather than something real. You have to really see it with your eyes and experience all the beauty that the place has gathered , to believe that such a wonder does exists and is waiting for you to explore it.

Machu Picchu is one of the most special places, also known as a wonder of the world. The unique views you will see here will stun you and will amaze you with beauty and magnificence. Here you will have an unforgettable time filled with numerous attractions and entertainments.
Panorama du Macchu Picchu, Wiki Media Commons
Graciously set at the Andes Mountain Machu Picchu is more than a tourist’s destination; it is a place so unique and so magnificent that being here makes you feel special. Make that dreamed vacation come true and visit this miraculous wonder. I guarantee you the time spend here will be unforgettable and will fill you with so much memories.

Often described as one of the world’s most spectacular ruins the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu is a place which demands your attention. Temples, houses, and agricultural terraces were built high among rocky and woody mountains, in an inaccessible location. Today, this place grasps the attention of numerous visitors and astounds them with a remarkable magnificence.

Foto tirada por mim,  Machu Picchu, Wikimedia Commons
This mysterious and miraculous place was built by the Incas, but no one can tell the reason and its purpose. Some believe that the location was of astronomical or geographical significance to the Incas. No matter what the reasons have been, today the place has become a real tourist magnet and its magic and magnificence is known worldwide. No place in the world can show you the views and the landscapes you can see here. This place is an example of real art and an evidence of the skills of Incas.

If you want to experience all the magical of this place and see everything that it has to offer, you may want to hike along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, for which you will need a couple of days. The trails begin near Ollantaytambo, which displays astonishing Inca ruins so you have to stop here and explore the area. Arriving at the Aguas Calientes town you can walk up to the ruins. There are no words to describe the feeling of hiking this glorious trails and seeing everything from the top. This is truly an unforgettable experience for you and for your family.

Once you find yourself at the site you can relax and just give in to that magnificent views and landscapes. You can also have a nice meal at Sanctuary Lodge, which is quite price but truly nice buffet.

Tourist at Machu Pichu, Wiki Media Commons
Everything you have been dreaming to see and experience you can find it here, in this miraculous place. Machu Picchu can make your dreams of unforgettable adventures come true and can show you places, which tell stories.

Instead of reading about this magical place and wandering whether such a gorgeous creation does really exist, pack your bags and prepare to experience everything you have been reading about. There is no better way to feel the magic of this place and learn about its history and purpose.For More holiday Articles, Please visit: