Saturday, December 22, 2012

Visit The Smallest House in the World – A Contemporary Attraction in Warsaw

A new Polish attraction is available to be seen, visited, shot, and discovered for the tourists. The smallest house in the world is located in the Polish capital of Warsaw and the past few weeks were truly successful for this contemporary architecture masterpiece. Hundreds of architecture lovers and critics have come to the lands of Poland to observe this extra ordinary minimalist – as to the style and as to the floorage, as well – piece of an art. Naturally, the lucky tourists, who fortuitously had a booked reservation in Warsaw, visited the house. Each of them was amused by the parameters of the building and most of them were fascinated by the style of its creation.

Though, this modern architecture project was at first created with other purpose, but not to create admirations and fascination. The author and the designer behind the Smallest House Project in the world is the Polish architect Jakub Szczesny. While constructing and making the plan of the architecture of his work, his only intention was to awake the social engagement of the society. The main purpose behind this project is to make people understand the lack of living space today. The paradox is that the planet is the same as measurements and surface, though more and more people suffer from the lack of a roof above them. This paradox is caused by the general urbanization of the residential parts with big skyscrapers and industrial buildings for business designations.

On the other hand, the growth of the poverty cooperates for the increase of homeless people and people, who are forced to live in a small place with many more other “roommates” with us. The Smallest House in Warsaw shows in a pictorial and visual way how most of people in Poland and in the world at all share small residential constructions with a big number of people. Such a social development in big and small cities is totally awkward and inadmissible for the Polish designer and architect Jakub Szczesny. On the other hand, another theme that is also mentioned by indirection, is that the larger the vacation homes become – such as luxury hotels and stunning guesthouses – the less the ordinary homes become.

The Smallest House in The World is a narrow area, where in principle, a family cannot live. Though, many families do live in approximately so little “buildings”. To be more specific the house constructed by Jakub Szczesny is with width of 122 cm to 72 cm. Each of the two floors is with length of 12 cm. The entire living space is an area of totally 15 meters. As for now the project is a public demonstration of the social problem homelessness, though it has the potential to become an extra ordinary attraction in Poland. The first visitors of the small house are tourists with vacation rentals booked for September and October. The local media has already written for the great success behind the project by Jakub Szczesny and this success is also due to the foreign attendance by people from the entire globe. If you have the chance to visit Poland and more specifically Warsaw soon, do not miss the opportunity to check on this cute small house and share your opinion later with us. 

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