Saturday, July 21, 2012

Travel and teach with TEFL!

Arguably the greatest perk of teaching English as a foreign language is that whilst you teach your students, you will also act as a student - learning from those with different cultures and viewpoints. Because of this, you will inevitably become more culturally sensitive and boost your cultural awareness. Another perk is that you will meet others doing the same thing! You’ll make new friends and contacts for future travel or employment. You will act as an integral part of a local community, truly making a difference in teaching others about your language and lifestyle.

Essentially, wherever you go, you’ll have a temporary (or permanent, if you want) home there – so you can travel to other destinations from your home ‘base’. For example, if teaching in Morocco, you can travel to nearby countries and see some more of Africa, safe in the knowledge that you have a home base to return to whenever you like. 

As with any exciting employment experience or training, a TEFL course, and experience in teaching abroad, is something to add to your C.V. It shows determination, adaptability and willingness to travel and try something new.

And finally, you will be earning money! This can help cover all of your expenses whilst abroad, both mundane and luxury, as well as possibly fund future travels and adventures. Some employers cover the cost of flights and/or accommodation, as well as insurance and visas, leaving you even more wages to spend or save.

Through earning, working, travelling and truly living in a different country, you will, without a doubt, have the experience of a lifetime.

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