Friday, August 10, 2012

Travel Asia – Such a Blast!

I am in awe when my boss asked me to join him in his business trips in Asia. I have never been to any country in Asia so definitely, I was so excited. I’m half- Chinese, but I was raised in Pennsylvania, so this trip is mostly well- looked forward to. As oriented, I along with another representative, we will be trekking around Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore – places where I’ve only read in magazines and have seen in television news. Now, I will be able to catch a glimpse of these worth- visiting nations. I have been preparing for trips for quite some time now, since my father loves to travel. He’s into mountains and roads, so all of his whereabouts include Blue Ridge Mountains and the famous, Poconos. Moving on, I’ve brought with me things that are essential for trips like: 

1. Prescription for immunization, only if you are suddenly flying abroad, but you may prepare for this a month before your travel, to ensure that you’re fit and allowed to go out in the country; 

2. Clothes necessary to keep up with the weather changes so beforehand, you must have researched about this important matter, as we certainly don’t want to catch flu while travelling; and 

3. Passport which is a requirement substantiating your stay from one country to another.

Arriving in our first destination, which is the Philippines, warm people have welcomed us by singing and dancing for us, in the tune of their native song. I was enraptured by the beauty of the country, especially with their food, which I believe is the best indulgence I had from among the other trips we had. I love their “adobong manok” (chicken in vinegar sauce), and their layered glutinous rice and coconut dessert, called “sapin- sapin”. We also went to Mall of Asia (MoA) which is regarded the largest mall in Asia, and to Boracay, which is also known as “the beach that never sleeps’, where we’ve tried the banana boat ride. Truly, its pristine waters are a home to the kind of traditional activities the natives and foreigners are looking for.

Our second destination went well too. Singapore is truly a vibrant,sophisticated city-state. Dubbed as The Garden City, it never failed to indicate its mission on cleanliness. After witnessing a parade at the Square at Furama, where we’ve devoured a lot of their luscious chocolate cakes, we went shopping to Orchard Road. This is one of the most visited shopping areas in Singapore which is a one-way street flanked by distinctive shopping malls on both sides of the road. Afterwards, we went to an ethnic clave called Kampong Glam which features traditional artifacts, clothing, ethnic delicacies and other cultural treasures.

Our last trip summed up in Bali, Indonesia where we spent the rest of the days relaxing in the luxurious villas in the district of Seminyak. There is simply no more the need to search for hotels in the area and all the trappings of mass tourism when retreat homes of these kinds are too special to decline.

The whole 3- week business trip has never been a business trip at all. It was I can say a vacation in disguise. I enjoyed every moment of it.

Author Bio: Mitchell Zavich Zunia is a native of Pennsylvania, and had graduated at Robert Morris University with a degree in International Studies. She is a field photographer for a high- flying publication in Pittsburgh. Also, she’s the online content coordinator for You may follow her on Twitter @MitchellZunia

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