Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shape Up Your Vehicle Insurance For Winter Road Traveling

Taking a road trip during the winter months, even in warmer climates, presents its own unique set of hazards. Each locale has its own unique weather and often the change is quite drastic during the winter, especially in the north. So, before you set off on holiday or winter road trips, you'll want to be sure your auto insurance is up to the task.

Contact Your Agent or Insurance Company

Before you set out on your winter road trip, you first will want to contact your agent or a representative of your insurance company (if you have direct insurance). Ask him or her to look over your policy and suggest any changes that might be necessary in order to properly protect you and those travelling with you. Some points to discuss include:

• Limits for your deductible.
• Limits for different types of coverage (do they need to be increased or decreased?)
• Whether you have a mileage limit that might need to be extended or increased.
• The types of coverage you carry – for instance, do you have comprehensive to cover acts of nature and non-accident-related damages; do you have PIP insurance to cover you, the driver, if you are injured and possibly pay out lost wages, etc. after the fact? Do you have collision coverage?
• Also discuss whether no fault insurance coverage is worthwhile. No fault auto insurance normally results in faster payments and settlements, as your insurer will not have to wait to pay you while the issue of cause and fault is determined.
• Look into other beneficial coverages offered by your insurance company. For example, you may want a rider to cover you for towing and roadside assistance, and related expenses like lodging and rental cars…look into what is offered by your insurer.
• Remember that auto insurance will not cover any lost property, whether stolen or damaged in a crash, so talk to your insurer about a separate addition to your homeowner's policy or renter's insurance for these items.

Go Prepared

Once you have discussed all the possibilities and determined the coverage that is right for you, get proof of insurance and keep a copy of it with you. Make sure it includes updated contact information for your insurance company and your agent, so you have it if you need it. It is also a good idea to carry a separate copy in your luggage or bags in case the first is lost during an accident.



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