Monday, August 13, 2012

Cancun – the Place where You Can Visit the Parallel Dimensions of Present and Past

Cancun is the tourist paradise in Mexico combining natural beauty, incredible entertainment possibilities and outdoor activities. Its close proximity to USA makes it a preferable destination for many Americans, and when we add to that the cheap flight options, it becomes more clear why Cancun will never cease to captivate the hearts of its endless visitors. The city has learned how to offer practically everything just to make its guests happy: noisy parties opposed to peaceful relaxation on the beautiful beaches, family fun activities in water parks, dolphin swims and, of course, a tour through the Mayan ruins. Cancun has successfully found the balance between the commercial pleasures and the uniqueness that every ancient city, being also a cradle of curious civilization, is naturally gifted with. Undoubtedly, you will like it so much that you simply wouldn't want to waste precious time in too much sleeping wanting to try and see everything possible for the time being.

Cancun can be conditionally subdivided into three basic areas:  the Town, the Ecological Reserve (as its name suggests the area is abundant with natural sights like swamps, gorgeous lakes and rich foliage being an excellent zone for some hiking and nature walks) and  The Hotel District.

The Hotel District comprises multiple luxury hotels (four and five starts) towering above the main boulevard. The area gains the most solid revenue for the entire Mexico being the economic boost for the country. Concentrating crowds of thousand of tourists, the district brags a dense clustering of international exquisite restaurants, attractive clubs and discos, and various options for amusement.

The Town of Cancun is somewhat a contrast to the Hotel district with its more slow-paced, even pastoral and provincial lifestyle – the shops and dining places are as plain as they can be, and the sense of simplicity and easiness won't leave you while being there. Restaurants are offering local specialties and many tourists are impressed by the traditional home-made Mexican food. Not excluding themselves from the forms of entertainment, a number of cinemas, shopping venues and  theaters are arranged along the main street.

  The ones who love nature would be fascinated by the amazing biodiversity that the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve contains. Being a natural shelter for numerous animal and plant species, including endangered ones, the Reserve is the largest ecosystem in Mexico spreading over hundreds of miles, and that is why many non-profit and ecologically orientated organizations are making huge efforts to preserve its genuine look. And to make the third Cancun district even more tempting and intriguing, we have to point out that ancient archeology also reigns together with the glorious nature. Multiple archeological landmarks scattered along the vicinities of the Reserve will bring you back in time following the steps of one of the most genuine civilizations that the world has witnessed, that of the Mayans. Filled with mystery and unrevealed secrets, Mayan people had left us numerous traces to explore and bewilder at, and facing cultural challenge form this scale will certainly make you stare, contemplate and think about more general philosophical issues like humankind, wisdom, cultural differences and cycles of knowledge.

 The culture of the Mayans survived for almost 3000 years before it mysteriously disappeared leaving us precious cultural legacy of majestic architectural structures, an incomparable style of art pieces, and astronomical and mathematical systems which outrivaled  the other known by then. Cancun has the blessing to shelter one of the seven wonders of the world – Chichen Itza, the breath-taking pyramid, a symbol of the majesty of this one of a kind civilization.

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