Sunday, June 17, 2012

Parks and Gardens of Bath, England

The gardens and parks located in Bath provide countless occasions to enjoy the warm summer months. During a stay at one of the beautiful Bath hotels, remember to explore the splendid gardens in the area.

Hanham Court Gardens

On the banks of the River Avon, the garden is visually pleasing with romantic architectural designs. The garden has been designated by Garden Illustrated as the number one Dreamy Garden in 2010.

Prior Park Landscape Garden

Designed by Bath entrepreneur Ralph Allen based on input from Alexander Pope and Lancelot Brown. The garden has sweeping valleys with magnificent views of the city of Bath and the wooded landscape.

Kilver Court

Kilver Court is a retail destination located in the beautiful Somerset countryside. The estate houses exclusive designer clothing store, bakery and gift shop. The gardens are a combination of immaculately designed with geometric shapes.


Royal Victoria Park

Created in 1829 the Park was named after Princess Victoria's first visit to bath at the age of 11. The park is comprised of 57 acres populated with beautiful trees with access to a pond, golf course and bird avery.

World Heritage Site

Listed as a world heritage site since 1987, the garden is an extraordinary destination to explore the history of the city of Bath. Exploration opportunities include Roman remains, and neoclassical buildings contained in an innovative garden design.

Parade Gardens

Located in Central Bath, the park is an excellent destination for a relaxing retreat and shopping. Overlooking the River Avon, the garden is one of the finest in the country and offers concerts and entertainment during the summer.


Henrietta Park

The 7 acre park located near the center of the city was originally established to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria during 1897.

Alexandra Park

Named after Queen Alexandra, Alexandra Park was established in honor of Edward VII’s coronation.

Dryham Park

Located on the estate of the Ellicott 17th century mansion, Dryham Park has 8 acres of enjoyable activities for families. Families are able to enjoy the picnic and play area as well as explore the wildlife located on the property.


Corsham Court

The gardens are part of a stately Elizabethan Manor from 1582. The estate has extensive formal gardens designed by landscape architect Lancelot Brown in 1760.

Alice Park

On the outer edges of Bath, the 8 acre park was entrusted to the city in 1937 for public use. Initially a memorial in honor of Heber Montgomery of Batheaston’s wife, the park is now a wonderful destination for children and adults.

Sydney Gardens

Located behind Hobart Museum, the garden is the oldest park in Bath. The park is lined with fine trees, flower beds and shrubberies. There are also tennis courts, playgrounds and cycling paths.


Iford Manor and the Peto Garden

The award winning garden is known for its tranquil beauty. From 1899 to 1933 the estate was home to landscape gardener Harold Peto.

Georgian Garden

Georgian Garden was redesigned in 1985 to reflect the original design dating back to 1760/1770. The recreation was based on excavation performed by the Bath Archaeological Trust.


Hedgemead Park

Located below the Camden Crescent, the park is lined with beautiful trees and shrubs displaying delicate roses. Families are also able to enjoy the children’s play area located in the garden.

The Botanical Gardens

Formed in 1887, the nine acre park is a collection of plants on limestone in the West County area.

Westonbirt, The National Arboretum

The National Arboretum is a 600 acre site containing 3,000 diverse temperate trees. One of the most diverse collections of temperate trees and shrubs in the world.

Brokerswood Country Park and Woodland Railway

Formerly a part of the Royal Forest of Selwood, the eighty acre park has a variety of activities for families. Attractions include adventure playgrounds, railway and fishing lake.

Somerset Lavender

The garden is a family run lavender farm that is a wonderful location to enjoy afternoon tea and a light lunch.

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