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The Most Visited Natural Wonders in America

The world is made of spectacular natural wonders, with an inspiration buried in each;a lifetime just might not be enough to explore each one.Below is a simply sweet compilation
of the most beautiful and hence most visited natural wonders in the United States of America.And people who wish to visit the US – a home to its fair share of amazing natural wonders – need to obtain an ESTA US Visas to travel to any part of the United States. It is also easy to download, complete and submit an ESTA Visas Applicationonline.

Badlands National Park

Designated as wilderness area, the badlands national park consists of pinnacles, sharply eroded buttes and spires that are blended with the protected mixed grass prairie. The Badlands is one of the most significant sources of paleontological resource that dates back millions of years.Make the most of your visit by planning a camping trip or a wildlife exploration excursion.

Cape Hatteras

Located along the coast of North Carolina, Cape Hatteras National Seashore is a classic example of a laid-back beach vacation in the US. It is one of the best places to enjoy great surfing, pristine sand and long calm beach walks. Carved out beautifully by the forces of nature, the serene sound of ocean waters, brilliantly illuminated starry night sky and exotic plant life are untouched pearls of nature to cherish.

Delicate Arch

This Utah state’s icon stands four-stories tall and iscommonly represented on license plates and postage stamps. The panorama of the Arches National Park has exquisitearches formed by years of wind and sand erosion along with the freezing action of water leading to the astounding 2,500 sandstone arches that frame the sky.

The Barringer Crater

If you want to have a feeling that is out-of-space, then the 50,000 years old Barringer Crater would be aperfect choice.Named after the scientist Daniel Barringer, who was the first one to suggest that it was produced by a meteorite impact, this famous crater has a huge importance as a geological site and is well-known for attracting worldwide tourists.

The Grand Canyon

Numbers, statics, height and elevated experience are the terms that come close to describing the Grand Canyon. A perfect get-away for all the daredevils and adventurers, this place defines nature at its grandest.

Yellowstone National Park

The phenomenal beauty of the Yellowstone never gets old. An ace family vacation spot to enjoy profusewildlife and rare natural wonders like the old faithful geyser, hot springs, fumaroles and mud pots. This park is also a paradise for nature lovers and the best outdoor picnic spotsduring any season.

Although it was hard to narrow the list down be reassured that you will love all these places since they have been visited by manywho love and respect the natural beauty as it is!

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