Saturday, March 24, 2012

Top 5 tips to cope with jet lag

Battling jet lag is a problem for travelers across the globe. Jet lag is caused by travel across multiple time zones as the body attempts to adjust the internal clock to the time zone at the vacation destination. There are a few key ways to help overcome the effects of jet lag and allow for a more restful trip. I spoke to a few people who work in resorts outside Bangalore that are situated very close to the Bangalore International Airport. The close proximity to the airport brings them a lot of international travelers who have flown long distance to get to Bangalore. Below is a few useful tips which will help you cope with jet lag.

Rest Up Before Leaving:

A person who gets plenty of rest before a trip will experience less jet lag. A person should try to have solid sleep for five nights before the flight to help prepare for the potential issue of jet lag. Try to avoid any stress before leaving as stress interrupts sleep patterns and leads to less restful sleep. Especially for flights longer than 10 hours, it is vital that you get enough rest before you leave.

Push Fluids:

A person who is properly hydrated will be less affected by the effects of jet lag. No alcohol should be consumed on the flight, as alcohol tends to dehydrate a person and disrupt sleep patterns. The traveler should drink a minimum of 16 ounces of nonalcoholic beverages every two hours while flying to counteract the stale air within the airplane. Drinking plenty of water or juice will help to maintain proper hydration levels with the body.

Keep Moving:

Move about the plane as much as possible. Try doing some stretches or small exercises while seated on the aircraft. Keeping the circulation flowing with body movement will reduce swelling in the limbs. Keeping as active as possible during the flight offers the body an aid in fighting jet lag effects.

Promote Sleep During The Flight:

If the flight is a long one, bring items to help sleep during the flight. Some people find that items such as an eye mask or pillows will help them to sleep during a flight. The traveler who is able to sleep on the airplane will find that they are less tired, once they have arrived at their destination.

Avoid Sleeping After Arrival:

A traveler who is able to avoid sleeping after they arrive will find that their body adjusts quicker to the local time. A traveler should wait until local nightfall to sleep if they are able to. A person who is able to wait is usually able to counteract any sleep issues and reduce jet lag. This is one of the most important tips. Your body and your mind will want you to fall asleep as soon as you reach the destination, but avoiding sleep till around 9 PM local time will help you greatly reduce jet lag.

Natasha Dogre is a freelance journalist and regularly writes articles on backwater resorts in Kumarakom and for The Paul Bangalore, a luxury hotel in Bangalore .


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