Sunday, May 1, 2011

Guest Post: Brazil Fever at its Best

The time of Brazil has arrived. It is now acknowledged that Latin America’s biggest economy will again grow in the coming years not only because of the latest oil finds or industrial growth. It is also the time of celebration, not only because of its yearly Carnivale but the country would be hosting the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. Clearly, Brazil fever is in the air.

The Annual Carnivale. This is an annual celebration scheduled forty six days before the Easter celebrations. This is considered as the last celebration prior to the pious days of the Catholic Lenten Season. During Lent, many Catholics abstain from celebrations, consumption of meat and poultry and other outright showcases of revelry. Thus prior to the Lent, the Carnivale is celebrated on the streets of the many cities of Brazil. Each city would have their own manner of celebration as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo would have their own programs and parades. These parades are often spearheaded by the samba schools in the cities, with each school making their own presentations. Overall, the Carnivale celebrations last for a week and the activities are intense as it is twenty four hour day celebration of inebriation and partying on the streets. It is this celebration that is one of the prime tourist attractions of the country as many revelers from other countries come and party until the wee hours of the morning.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup. The 20th World Cup is scheduled to be held from June to July in Brazil. This is the second time the country would be hosting the event, the last one held last 1950. This quadrennial event is the showcase of football from all the corners of the world. Each country would have their regional qualifiers, which is depending upon their continent location in the globe. From there, the qualified countries would be given to pick their group assignments by lots before the tournament. From there each group would do a single round robin sudden death until the final World Cup game. Brazil has won the World Cup five times and now plays host with many stadiums being completed and infrastructure being put up to handle the inflow of football crazy fans from all corners of the world.

The 2016 Summer Olympics. This quadrennial sporting spectacle which traces its roots the Greek Olympic Games is now supervised by the International Olympic Committee. Brazil has been picked as host and the city would be Rio de Janeiro. The games are billed to be held between August 5 and 21, 2016. Here, countries send their best athletes to compete for gold in events such as swimming, team sports, track and field and gymnastics. After the Summer Olympics, Brazil would be hosting the Summer Paralympics, which is a parallel sporting event for the disabled and otherabled. For the first time in history, a Latin American country would be the host for the Summer Olympics and Paralympics. For this, the preparations made for the World Cup in 2014 would even be ramped up to accommodate not only the athletes from all over the world but their retinue and their supporters.

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