Monday, April 11, 2011

Guest Post: Spring Break Travel Destinations in the States

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As Spring Break kicks off, students all over the United States are enjoying their party-destinations for this year’s festivities. If you still haven’t made up your mind on where to go or want to plan something really last minute, take a look through our recommendations below and get booking!

But first, do you know the origins of Spring Break? What is now a seasonal bacchanal (a drunken and riotous celebration), started life as an innocent training holiday back in 1935 when the Colgate University men's swimming team went to practice at Fort Lauderdale over break.

Over the years, more and more students journeyed to Florida for this holiday until, in 1985, the local government passed laws to restrict parties. Of course, this just meant that students started to look elsewhere for their Spring Break, which leads us nicely on to the list below:

Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Spring Break at Lake Havasu is affordable and fun. If you’re into water sports, sunny weather and plenty of parties then this might just be the right destination for you and your friends. Most of the action takes place on the beautiful banks of Lake Havasu and the Colorado River, and the best time to visit is from the beginning of March through to the end of April. There are lots of package deals still available and you’ll be spoilt for choice for things to see, eat, drink and party to!

Panama City Beach, Florida

More than half a million party-goers flock to Panama City Beach in Florida each year and the destination is known as one of the top locations for Spring Break – the town actually calls itself the Spring Break Capital of the World! With nearly 30 miles of white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and a nearby strip of mega clubs, you can see why it’s earned such a great reputation.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas is a fairly new destination for Spring Breakers, but it’s making quite a name for itself already. Earlier this year, it was home to MTV Spring Break and thousands of students have chosen it as their party-destination – it is after all the city that never sleeps! Spring Break in Las Vegas is 21+ (which means no freshmen!), and there’s everything from college poker tournaments and massive nightclubs, through to hangover pool parties and world-famous DJs.

Tampa, Florida

A reliable and popular Spring Break destination, with plenty going on throughout the party season. Tampa Bay actually covers three cities (Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater), all of which cater to the Spring Break crowd. There are some amazing beaches in this area and you’ll never be short of fun activities, poolside parties and lots of new friends.

South Padre Island, Texas

Easy to get to and one of the cheapest options for Spring Break, South Padre Island is more popular this year than ever before. There’s plenty of space to chill out on the white sandy beaches, as well as everything from dolphin tours to kite-surfing and skydiving for the more adventurous party-goers. Of course, the nightlife is non-stop and there are plenty of clubs that’ll keep you dancing all night long.



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