Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Best Tours in Ireland

Dublin tours offer an array of exploration in a country that has a rich and intriguing culture, and a history that dates back thousands of years. Ireland is where vibrant people and culture combine to form an attraction of imaginative wonder. Dublin is the epicenter of this cultural splendor and visitors will never end up short of things to do in Dublin.

First stop for tourists the minute they step off the plane is typically the western area of Dublin where they’ll find some dramatic scenery; but the entire city from end to end has an array of hotels, restaurants, pubs, shops, museums, clubs and plenty of activities and attractions to hold their attention.

Southeastern Areas

South of Dublin, in Kildare and Wicklow counties, is where rolling green landscapes, an assortment of outdoor activities and some of the most spectacular garden areas in Ireland reside. Waterford, Wexford, Tipperary and Kilkenny is where visitors will find such famous spots as the Waterford Crystal Factory, the historic streets of Kilkenny Town and its storybook castle, the splendid harbor town of Wexford and the Rock of Cashel.

Southwestern Areas

If the visitor needs a bit of a change from things to do in Dublin, a rendezvous in Cork City should do the trick; a bustling location with a selection of fine restaurants, an eclectic arts scene and an assortment of other local attractions, such as the historic Blarney Stone and Fota Wildlife Park. Just west of this location is the gourmet capital of Ireland known as Kinsale, home to a diversity of quaint towns, a local beach with a breathtaking cliff and a scenic island view.

Western Areas

Galway is where visitors will find a variety of excellent restaurants, an array of pubs with traditional Irish music and a selection of diverse art galleries. One of Ireland’s little known gems is its famous beaches and natural wonders; and many of these locations offer boat and jet ski tours. The beaches of Moher in Clare will leave visitors captivated with its cliff faces, or the rolling mountain landscape of Connemara, and the beaches, forests and lakes in Sligo and Donegal.

Guinness Storehouse

An adventure of things to do in Dublin would have to include a visit to the old grain brewery; the country’s black gold export and most enduring symbol. The Guinness brewery, rising seven stories high, is the only one open to the public. The location is at the central point of St. James’s Gate Brewery and its seven levels are constructed around a glass atrium that sits in the center and emulates the shape of a pint of the black brew.

With a complimentary pint right in the heart of the Gravity bar, you’ll learn everything there is know about its 250 year history up to its current status as the world’s most famous beer. The Guinness Storehouse has allured over four million tourists from all over the world since it opened in the winter of 2000. Its rich history, grand architectural design and unique features never fails to leave its visiting audience awestruck and intrigued, which ensures their return time and time again.

The Gravity bar is located just above the roof and is the highest bar in the city of Dublin. Dublin tours just wouldn’t be complete without capping it off with a pint of the creamy dark brew, while relaxing and listening to old-timers reminisce and taking in the 360 degree panoramic view of the Dublin city landscape.


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