Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why You Should Make Berlin Your Next Holiday Destination

With travellers increasingly seeking new and exciting experiences when exploring the wonderful and diverse world we live in, there is one destination that is becoming more popular with each passing year due to its substantial growth and mass appeal. Berlin is a stylish and modern city with tourists from all over the world finally beginning to wake up and realise what a superb destination it is. The city is rich with fascinating history and classic architecture, yet is now a contemporary hub with a whole host of entertainment and attractions to enjoy. Here, we detail the four main reasons why Berlin will make for a fantastic holiday for you at any time of the year.

Berlin’s History

Berlin’s rich past can’t fail to fascinate you no matter how interested in history you are. The emotional Holocaust Memorial pays tribute to the tragedies of the past whilst educating you at the same time, whilst you can also learn about the liberation of the German people after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. More than this, there is also a great deal of history behind famous landmarks such as The Reichstag, mysteriously burned down in 1933 but is now the building where the German parliament meets. The architecture of Berlin is famously beautiful and is full of historical importance. Therefore, whilst the city is very much modern and stylish, its storied past allows the city to have a distinctive feel to it, particularly when you’re exploring Berlin’s architecture and memorials.

Berlin’s Atmosphere

Whilst many of the world’s famous cities are renowned for their cold and reserved locals, Berlin’s inhabitants are known for being warm, witty and friendly. There is always a jovial tone to the city no matter what time of the year it is, yet during the festive season in particular the city is uplifted and buzzing, thanks in part to the Berlin Christmas Markets that take place in November and December annually. This is a major part of the city’s charm and makes it an absolute pleasure to visit, giving you a truly unique experience for such a big city. Berlin is also known for its energy; a trait that the hard-working German people are famous for. This is showcased with the enormous developments the city has experienced in recent times, giving Berlin a vibrancy few other cities can match.

Berlin’s Growing Economy

With Germany one of the strongest economies in the world and with the amount of tourists flocking to Germany growing higher and higher, Berlin has in particular benefitted massively. Berlin now boasts the largest train station in Europe, with hundreds of passengers passing through every day. Berlin also has two main airports to cope with the high tourist demands, yet perhaps the most exciting development has been the addition of the KaDeWe store, the second largest department store in Europe and open every day except for Sundays. Berlin is quickly gaining a reputation for itself as a city keeping up with the times and becoming an innovative hub of activity that will only continue to grow in the future, as the rest of Europe looks on with envy.

Berlin’s Activities

Perhaps the biggest reason people are now visiting Berlin is that there is simply so much to do. Berlin has an array of fascinating and interesting museums for you to enjoy such as the Bode Museum, with admission fees priced at 8 euros. Besides the KaDeWe department store, Berlin also has plenty of other shopping districts to entice you into a shopping splurge whatever time of the year you visit. The unique Christmas Markets of Germany are known worldwide, yet it’s the charming Berlin Christmas Markets at the Charlottenburg castle in the heart of the capital that is the biggest and best, epitomising what it is that makes Berlin so distinctive and special and allowing you to try the local delicacies and culture. Beer is also a huge part of Germany, with Berlin able to boast some of the finest beers in the world with numerous festivals all around the year dedicated to their ale.

Berlin is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, yet it is already a superb city to explore. Everything about the city’s past and present blends together to create the perfect balance, and it remains a city so uniquely wonderful and enchanting. To experience Berlin’s increasingly growing appeal, you will simply have to visit for yourself, so be sure to check out our Berlin Apartments as you do to make sure you make the most of the exciting city of Berlin.


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