Friday, June 3, 2011

Guest Post: Top 5 Secluded Retreats in Costa Rica

There are few things more relaxing than getting away for a vacation to a secluded retreat. Costa Rica is home to some of the finest private retreats inside Central America. Thousands of vacationers enjoy an escape to a private retreat each year, drawn in by the idea of getting away from the daily grind of mundane routines by vacationing in a secluded resort. Of course, it is always wise to research the various getaway possibilities before committing to a single idea.

The Julia and David White Artists' Colony

The Julia and David White Artists' Colony is an excellent private getaway for the creative personality. Artists from around the world gather to this secluded retreat, located in the heart of a private rainforest just 35 miles outside of San Jose. Perhaps more interesting is the story of how the Artists' Colony came to be. After both of his children died tragically at a young age, Dr. White created the resort to honor the memory and the arts that he and his children loved dearly. Each artist that visits the resort receives a private studio, beautiful scenic walking trails and a swimming pool for recreation.

Blue Osa Yoga Sanctuary and Spa

Blue Osa Yoga Sanctuary is a great private getaway for couples as well as anyone who enjoys yoga, tranquility and inner peace within a natural environment. Guests can engage in rituals before each meal to hear stories of the ingredients and preparation methods before indulging in fresh meals. Yoga classes at Blue Osa take place for 30 days and carries a main objective of teaching insight into the true art of yoga.

Buenaventura Rainforest Retreat in Costa Rica

Anyone who has ever dreamed of vacationing in the middle of the rainforest will love a vacation to the secluded retreat of Buenaventura. This secluded resort is a great place to catch a glimpse of some truly amazing wildlife, including the Jaguar and Sloth. There are a variety of themed retreats that singles, couples, families and groups can escape to. Honeymoon retreats, fitness retreats, nature and yoga retreats are all offered to those who choose to visit Buenaventura Private Retreat.

Ojo del Mar

Ojo del Mar, which translates to say "eye of the sea," is a truly unique getaway that anyone can enjoy. Hundreds of species of birds, trees and reptiles can be found within range of the resort. Even more interesting is the fact that this resort is very environmentally friendly. It was designed and built using bamboo, hardwood floors and solar power without the use of any tools. Where else would you want to go to relax and soak up the sun on a secluded beach?

Asclepios Costa Rican Private Resort

The essence of Greek culture comes alive at the Asclepios Health and Wellness Center in Costa Rica. Yoga, pilates, stress management, acupuncture and meditation are just a few of the themed retreats available to those who choose an escape to this secluded resort. Each room in this resort is named after a famed Greek God or Goddess and is sure to ignite tranquility.

Regardless of which secluded retreat in Costa Rica you choose to vacation to, the key to a memorable getaway is taking the time to consider what you desire most in a private retreat. Don't rush to make a decision - let your instinct guide you.

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