Friday, October 1, 2010

Tips on Tuscany: Apartments, Airfare, Best Time to Go and Transportation

Tuscany is best traveled during the period going from April to the end of September. However the Fall and Winter seasons also give plenty of opportunities to enjoy this wonderful territory at lower prices. Tuscany apartments are indeed much cheaper during this period of the year. The same goes for villas and hotels also. Moreover, you are much more likely to find cheaper airfares, less crowded hubs and airports, and much more accommodation availability and flexibility. In addition, traveling through Tuscany at the discovery of nice towns, culinary fairs (the fall period abounds with town fairs) is going to be much easier with less traffic on streets, fewer tourists, and lower temperatures.

The advice given here is to choose a central location to depart from for your daytrips in Tuscany. Pick a nice farm house with welcoming Tuscany apartments as your base. This will make it easier for you to orient in the chosen area while delimiting the array of action. It is important not to incur into the wanna-see-it-all syndrome, which invariably leads to stress and lack of enjoyment.

Do some research before leaving. There is plenty of information on sites like Wikipedia to enlighten you. This will help you select your area of interest in Tuscany. Are you interested in wine and sightseeing? Then pick the Chianti. You love boat rides and the sea while you do not want to miss out on Etruscan archaeological parks? The Costa degli Etruschi is for you then. Remember, Tuscany is not a small region, therefore count the time for your road trips as an important factor while planning. As a rule of thumb, stay within a 70 kilometers radius from your chosen stay.

Another fundamental aspect is the mean of transportation. Car rental is also cheaper during the low season, and a car definitely is the best way to get around. If, however, you think you are going to be visiting only major cities, then pick your Tuscany apartments at a comfortable walking distance from a train station. Keep in mind that there are some remote stations that are barely served. You will need one that is on a reasonably trafficked line. This will reduce the traveling time and increase your choices. Other means of transportation are buses, largely employed in Tuscany, and private van rentals with driver. The latter option includes pick up and drop off services, but it is quite expensive and best suitable to larger groups of people. The maximum number of seats per trip is eight. So keep that in mind while planning.

Finally, the last aspect to consider is the type of accommodation. Usually the most convenient solution are Tuscany apartments, since they provide the independence and flexibility of self-catered accommodations. You may also be able to find property owners that in the price include the breakfast. Apartments come in all sizes and shapes. There are some that can accommodate more than 8 people, while others are small nests for couples. Often, Tuscan farm houses provide an opening between apartments, so if your group is large you can all stay together while keeping a nice degree of privacy.Villas and hotels are somewhat more expensive than apartments, but they definitely provide value to those who seek, respectively, total privacy or full services.

Matt lives and works consulting for property owners in Tuscany. He wishes one day to become an owner himself and buy a set of Tuscany apartments to rent to guests from all over the world.

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