Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to Organize for a Trip Overseas

After I graduated in college, I decided that I wanted to see the other parts of the world and so for my graduation gift, I told my father that I wanted to travel. I chose Singapore as my destination and my two siblings also decided to come with me. We made some preparations since it would be the first time for us to visit another country. My aunt who has already traveled the entire the world gave us some useful travel tips overseas and even until now we still try to remember those every time we go somewhere.

Everyone wants to travel but the problem is not everyone can afford. The good thing is traveling is becoming more affordable these days so that more and more people can experience what it feels like being in a foreign country and see things for the first time. In order to save money, you have to choose off peak months to travel like August, September and October in some countries because these are usually rainy days so the tickets are much cheaper as well as the accommodation. Plus, it will not be very crowded because less people travel during these months. The only thing is that the weather may be a bit unpredictable but most of the time it would be rainy so you have to prepare jackets and hats. This is if of course you want to save.

My aunt also advised us that we need a little organizer where we can put some money, passport and other necessary documents. It is also important that you do not leave your valuables in the hotel or if it is really needed, ask the receptionist to keep it for you because they have a special vault for that. If you are bringing two or three luggage for example, try to separate your clothes. Put some in other luggage so that when worst comes to worst like if you lose one luggage then you still have clothes in other luggage. Also, be aware of thieves because they are just lurking around so keep your valuables as safe as possible.

There are so many things that you have to keep in mind while you are traveling especially if it is your first time. According to my aunt, you have to be very careful especially when you are in another country. She also told us that some taxi drivers might try to fool us so we should be aware of it. Try to communicate with the locals for directions or instructions. As far as I could remember these are only some of the overseas travel tips that my aunt shared with us, the rest are just common sense.

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